NEW BEDFORD - New Bedford Police narcotics unit took a loaded firearm off the street and made 15 arrests Thursday as part of a targeted enforcement of street level offenses in the south end.

Two juveniles were arrested after one was observed discarding a .22 caliber Walther firearm loaded with six rounds of .22 ammunition into a Dumpster in the area of Bluefield Street.

One of the 16-year-old males was charged with carrying a firearm without a license and disturbing the peace while armed.

The other 16-year-old was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute after a small amount of marijuana and cash were found on him.

Eight people were arrested on outstanding warrants:

  • Mary Margaret Lopes, 25, 95 Washington St., New Bedford.
  • Scott R. Pacheco, 36, 51 White Oak Run, Dartmouth.
  • Deborah Baliko, 51, 213 Rockland St. Apt. 3, New Bedford.
  • Carlos Alberto Saenz, 19, 65 Saturn Drive, New Bedford.
  • Richard Matthew Silva, 58, homeless.
  • Antonio Diaz Gonzalez, 48, 75 Crapo St., New Bedford.
  • Robert Puzzo, 66, 73 Division St., New Bedford.
  • Jeffrey Ferreira, 33, 33 Viall St. Apt. 2, New Bedford.

Five people were arrested for possession of an open container of alcohol on a public way.

  • Thomas Smith, 57, 12 Ruth St. Apt. 2E, New Bedford.
  • Aaron M. Britto, 37, 71 Ruth St. Apt. 2, New Bedford.
  • Josue Roldan-Quiles, 24, 95 Cleveland St., New Bedford.
  • Kevin Lopez, 24, 110 County St. Apt. 3, New Bedford.
  • Edgardo Colon, 52, 54 N. Main St., Brockton.

This is another example of the great work NBPD officers do every day to enhance the quality of our neighborhoods.

-New Bedford Police

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