If you live in New Bedford and have a dog, then you're most likely walking them from block to block on a sidewalk.

That's the only thing about the city that makes me miss the back country of Westport and Dartmouth. I'm not complaining, I simply miss walking through the quiet woods on winding trails as opposed to a squared-off route.

I currently live over in the West End of New Bedford and noticed a cemetery within walking distance of my house. As I approached the main gates, I decided to talk a little stroll through the centuries-old cemetery and to my surprise, it was a wonderful experience.

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The sun was shining through the little tree cover the cemetery provided, the paths brought me past some pretty interesting old graves and most importantly, it was quiet and I was all alone. I didn't have to worry about cars racing past or sharing a sidewalk with someone coming the opposite direction. It was just my dog and I and a moment of peace.

There wasn't a sign or a name for the cemetery, but I do know that it's located directly behind the Saunders-Dwyer Funeral Home on Park Street.

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When my dog went to the bathroom, I made sure to clean up after her and never let her walk on the gravestones, but rather along the concrete path that was interwoven throughout the cemetery. It was like going on a little adventure throughout historic New Bedford. It's not too long of a walk, but it's most certainly a nice change of pace and scenery.

As strange as it sounds to suggest walking through a cemetery, it's been up to this point the most peaceful walk my dog and I have gone on. I recommend it to anyone, but please pick up after your pet. This place is not only sacred, but it's been well-taken care of by the city.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media

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