No driver looks forward to getting pulled over, but the New Bedford Police department has launched a new program that will bring some relief to drivers that would otherwise expect a citation.

In the state of Massachusetts, it is illegal to operate a vehicle with a broken tail light or brake light, but drivers take their chances every day before finally getting it fixed. For the foreseeable future, the NBPD will be handing out vouchers instead of citations to drivers with broken tail lights and brake lights, which will enable the motorist to get the necessary repair done without the worry about a citation or bill.

It’s called the “Lights On!” program, and it’s just one way the city is trying to build better relationships between the community and its officers. Not to mention, safer cars on the roads.

Lights On! is a nonprofit organization by MicroGrants that raises money from individuals and foundations. When law enforcement agencies choose to partner with the program, it allows those agencies to provide vouchers for participating auto body shops in the area.

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Lights On! shared an analysis by the Washington Post that states over seven million Americans may have lost their licenses due to traffic debt. If drivers can’t pay for the ticket, they will most likely lose their license, so this program takes the pressure off of the driver and the police officer.

Police Chief Paul Oliveira told NBC10 that these vouchers are valued at up to $250 and can be used to fix their care at either Joe and Perky’s Service Station, Cottage Street Motoros Inc., or Luzo Auto Center.

So if you get pulled over in New Bedford due to your busted tail light, don’t panic. You may have just caught yourself a break.

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