There are two things I love more dearly in this world and they are food trucks and donuts. It just so happens that both of those things combined will soon be a reality come true here in New Bedford.

Yes, that's right, Ma's Original has purchased a food truck and is prepping a plan to take its baked deliciousness to the streets as soon as it receives the green light from the city. Ma's is currently awaiting a scheduled meeting with health officials who will need to inspect the donutmobile before business can begin.

"We won't be doing any cooking inside the truck," co-owner Lauren Kellish explained. "The truck's purpose will solely be to transport our baked goods throughout the city."

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After battling through some donut drama, the beloved donut shop on Acushnet Ave has decided to change its name to "Ma's Original" and is still planning on re-opening in 2021. The food truck is the latest addition to the 60-plus-year-old business that's well-known for its honey-dipped donuts and long lines out the door since 1955.

As for the menu, the food truck (once approved) will offer donuts and food items such as linguica rolls throughout the city, perhaps even as a late-night one-stop donut shop on wheels after a night out on the town. I don't know about you, but a fresh donut after a few Titos at 2 a.m. sounds delectable to me.

The food truck was purchased in Rhode Island and comes equipped with a built-in donut case, a refrigerated cooler for menu items that might have fresh cream, and of course a sound system that plays a dozen different songs (similar to that of an ice cream truck) and a handful of farm animal noises. My inner 10-year-old self just got the giddies thinking about this.

Currently, the food truck is still getting cleaned up with some fresh paint and a vibrant logo that features a cartoon version of the legendary "Ma" herself. A very fitting logo that's fun, appealing and a nice gesture to Ma.

Ma's Original and its newly-acquired food truck will be opening soon, but not too soon. I have a feeling it'll be worth the wait.

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