Donny Sousa, 38, of New Bedford is being charged with human trafficking, larceny assault, and wage theft.

According to, Attorney General Maura Healey is charging New Bedford man for forcing a couple and their young son he recruited from Brazil to work for his cleaning company DMS Cleaning Services, for more than a hundred hours each week without paying them legal wages.

Donny Sousa was indicted last week by Bristol County Grand Jury on numerous charges connected to the state investigation of human trafficking. He promised the couple $3,000 each a month when they arrived late 2014. From the time they arrived in 2014 to when they fled in 2015, the victims were only paid $3,600 in total and only had three days off during that time period. The AG’s office stated that Sousa still owes the couple more than $10,000 each in unpaid wages. The couple would ask about their wages repeatedly and that's when Sousa showed them a gun threatened them after refusing to pay them the wages they were owed. Sousa doesn't even have a license to carry  a weapon, the investigation showed.

The couple worked 12- to 15-hour shifts, seven days a week, cleaning between several properties each night, including banks, car dealerships, stores and restaurants in Marshfield, Bridgewater, Fall River, Bourne and Hyannis.

Sousa would not only not pay them, but would make illegal deductions from their pay including deductions for meals, a cellphone, and equipment.

Additional Reporting By: Mikaylee McEwan