Julius Conceicao is your normal, average five-year-old. He plays with his friends, and he is remotely attending kindergarten at the Gomes School in New Bedford.

Julius is a bright boy, enrolled in the dual-language program at the school. Life is good. Everything is normal – except for the fact that he is one of the cutest new faces starring on NBC's streaming service, Peacock.

His mother, Alisha Souza, got him into modeling a couple of years ago but never expected she would get a call out of the blue from his agency about an acting opportunity.

"They wanted him to audition for a role in a Tina Fey produced show that would appear on Peacock," Souza told Michael and Maddie. "He had never acted, and I honestly didn't think he could do it, considering he can't read, but you just don't say 'no' to a chance to be a part of a Tina Fey show."

Courtesy of Alisha Souza
Courtesy of Alisha Souza

Julius and his mom traveled to New York to film his scenes with the star of the show, Sara Bareilles. She plays a former member of a popular girl group from the 1990s looking for something more now that she has turned 40. The show is called Girls5Eva, and Julius plays Sara's son.

"He was handed a script and given a day to learn his lines. He can't read, so he just kind of memorized them," Souza said. "They would change things on the fly during shooting to make it work."

It also seemed like producers kept the new, young actor fresh. Instead of the long, grueling days on the set that most actors need to endure, Julius told us that his time on the set was usually short.

Was Tina Fey on the set?

"Yes," Souza said, "But she was too busy to talk to, we didn't want to disturb her."

Girls5Eva has eight episodes listed on Peacock as of today. Julius appears in the first episode in a scene that is designed to introduce the characters on the show. He is slated to appear in three of the eight episodes.

Julius's family was planning a small premiere party with friends and family tonight at their home in New Bedford. He'll appear on Michael and Maddie tomorrow morning at 7:45.

Julius, don't forget your Fun 107 pals when you're all grown up and making the big dough. Especially don't forget about your "Uncle Michael."

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