Living here in New England has its perks. One of the best things about living here is also one of the worst things about living here: the seasons. Even though the seasons can be a pain on the SouthCoast, they make it possible for us to enjoy autumn activities like apple picking and winter activities like skiing.

One activity that has grown in popularity over the years is corn mazes. Local farmers in Rhode Island have discovered a way to turn their harvested cornfields into a little bonus cash heading into the holiday season, and the area has responded. Corn mazes have quickly become a fun fall family activity.

Stillwater Zephyr Theater via Facebook

But what if there was a way to take advantage of our cold temperatures and turn snow and ice into green? A friend of mine told me about this place that is having its grand opening tonight near Rochester, Minnesota. They have built the biggest ice maze in the United States.

It’s happening!!

Posted by Stillwater Zephyr Theatre on Wednesday, January 20, 2021

According to, the maze is made up of 1,500 ice blocks that comprise a half-mile of winds and turns and finishes with a nearly four-story-high ice slide. Tell me that doesn't sound like a ton of fun. The best part is that because it is outside and the customers are spaced apart, it is a socially distant and completely safe activity during the pandemic.

Stillwater Zephyr Theater via Facebook

I think the SouthCoast needs one of these ice mazes. I'd love to see this somewhere in Downtown New Bedford. If it's too crowded down there, I could see a place like Running Brook Vineyards in Dartmouth having the space to put something like this together. I could even see Patriot Place jumping on it.

Grab your Bernie mittens, and let's go!

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