It was once occupied by some of New Bedford's most famous residents. Now the property at 1061 Pleasant St. could be yours.

Back in 1830, the Charles Russell Mansion was a gorgeous addition to the New Bedford waterfront and one of the many mansions in a city enjoying the wealth of the whaling industry. Russell was an ancestor of the founder of the original Bedford Village, but he didn't get to live in his stately home for very long.

By 1836 Russell had died in an accident and a well-known New Bedford resident was renting his home (or at least her father was). After Russell's death, Edward Mott Robinson, the father of "The Witch of Wall Street" Hetty Green, moved in with his wife and then infant daughter.

When Green's father passed in 1865 the house became the property of Henry Forbes, a prominent coach and partner in the Forbes & Sears Company. But he too did not live in the house for very long, because by 1873 it was being run by the Sisters of St. Joseph.

It seems the house never went back to being a primary residence after that time, instead spending time as a hospital, convent and, most recently, home to New Bedford Child and Family Services.

Still, signs of what the historic home once was are clearly visible. The granite façade is on display at the late Federal-style, Greek Revival home. It still has its end chimneys, Doric columns and a central entrance.

Inside you'll still find black marble fireplaces, crown molding in many of the rooms and the home's spectacular winding staircase.

Keep scrolling to see how the old and new have come together these days in this historic home at 1061 Pleasant St. being listed by Karen Flaherty of Kinnane Group Inc.

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The historic house at 1061 Pleasant Street is on the market, giving people a peak inside this iconic property that has been a part of New Bedford for nearly 200 years.

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