On just their second day of moving on to the general election as the Democratic nominees for Massachusetts Governor and Lieutenant Governor, the newly-minted ticket of Attorney General Maura Healey and Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll made a stop at the New Bedford waterfront to talk with Mayor Jon Mitchell about the city's growing ocean economy and to accept his endorsement in their run for the corner office.

Along with Mitchell, Healey and Driscoll were also accompanied by State Rep. Tony Cabral (D-New Bedford), State Rep. Chris Markey (D-Dartmouth), New Bedford City Council President Ian Abreu and City Councilor At-Large Shane Burgo as they walked along the path on the New Bedford hurricane barrier.

They then made a stop on the barrier where they had a panoramic view of the Port of New Bedford as Mitchell detailed to them the new developments happening along the coast of the nation's top fishing port, such as the burgeoning offshore wind industry.

Marcus Ferro/Townsquare Media
Marcus Ferro/Townsquare Media

Mitchell later spoke of Healey and Driscoll with unrestrained praise, describing them both as good friends and effective partners in government.

"I can tell you having worked with each of them over the years on a number of fronts that they are the right team at the right time for New Bedford and for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts," Mitchell said.

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"The other thing I'll say about them other than their obvious talent, their obvious integrity, their obvious commitment, is the fact that they have served in public office and are running for higher office for the right reasons," he said. "It isn't for them just a matter of occupying an office or having a title. For them, they wan't to get things done."

Mitchell went on to describe Driscoll, his colleague in gateway city governance, as "one of the best mayors in America" and crediting her with the transformation of Salem as a center for tourism and economic opportunity.

Marcus Ferro/Townsquare Media
Marcus Ferro/Townsquare Media

"On the ground I like to say 'There's no hiding,' you've gotta deliver results for every single day," Driscoll said. "I'm so pleased to be partnered up on this ticket with a woman who, as AG, has gotten stuff done every day."

"Both Jon and I have got a chance to work with the Attorney General, we know the executive chops she brings to this job," Driscoll said. "And we know the opportunity to work with her is not only going to bring more collaboration and more coordination, but the sort of work that we need to do to advance communities, to bring them together in a way that's going to lead to a bright future not only for our historic seaports, but frankly, throughout the Commonwealth."

Healey, who has a famously good relationship with Mitchell, offered him reciprocal praise for his performance as mayor.

"I'm really happy to be with Mayor Mitchell who has been an incredible partner and friend these last eight years," Healey said. "I've been to this waterfront many times for different events and on different occasions and I'm always struck by his leadership and what he has been able to do to revitalize the port and waterfront, to grow jobs, to innovate as New Bedford has such a proud history of doing through the ages"

The gubernatorial frontrunner then talked about a prospective Healey-Driscoll Administration leading Massachusetts, saying that their focus will be partnering with private industry and municipalities throughout the Commonwealth to provide cities and towns with state government resources that will help foster growth and opportunity.

Healey also made an analogy that drew on her and Driscoll's experience as basketball players in college and said that building an effective gubernatorial administration requires many of the same attributes needed to be a successful collegiate athlete.

"We want to be about, just like we were on the court, making things happen, getting things done, and that requires partnership," Healey said. "In an administration and a team that we build out and also with the incredible leaders that have been doing the work day-in and day-out at the local level and beyond."

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