A Domino's delivery driver fought off a would-be robber after dropping off an order in the North End of New Bedford Tuesday night.

Police Lt. Amos Melo says the 24-year-old delivery driver was walking back to his car after making a delivery to 334 Ashley Blvd when he was approached by a man with a box cutter. The man demanded money.

Instead of handing over cash, the driver kicked the would-be robber, causing him to flee. The driver stayed at the scene while he called police, aiding them in the investigation.

Domino’s Ashley Boulvard owner Tony Squizzero says, “Safety is our number one priority each and every day.  New drivers go through an extensive 2 week training course before they are allowed to deliver anything.  That course requires cash handling procedures…for example drivers do not carry more than $20 on them at any time.  Also…with the popularity of online ordering, there's more than a 50% chance that the driver has zero cash on him.  Our training program teaches drivers to hand over all the money and all the product...whatever is necessary to keep them safe.”

The suspect is described as a thin, middle-aged white male, about 5'6" with a scruffy beard.

Lt. Melo says that matches the description of the suspect in a Monday night robbery of a Domino's delivery driver at the Lord Phillips complex on Phillips Road in the far North End.

Police believe the robberies are connected.