The New Bedford community is well on its way to replacing important emergency equipment after a large donation from a local business.

Last month, a large house fire on County Street in New Bedford injured three people and killed 34 cats. Firefighters rescued more than 20 other cats, who survived and are recovering. After bringing sixty cats from the flames and resuscitating as many as they could, first responders at the scene wound up depleting their resources of pet rescue equipment that is vital for situations like these.

According to the New Bedford Fire Department, pet rescue masks are different than those used for humans because they are designed to fit over an animal's snout. Masks come in four different sizes and can either provide oxygen to breathing animals or allow a bag valve device to help the pet breath artificially.

New Bedford's Coalition for Animals has provided pet rescue equipment to local first responders in the past, and stepped up after the County Street fire to gather donations and replenish supplies here on the SouthCoast.

New Bedford Credit Union recently became a generous donor for the cause, giving a $1,000 check to the Coalition for Animals to purchase pet rescue equipment for local first responders.


NBFD's mascot Sparky was even on-hand to help accept the important donation!

New Bedford Fire Department
New Bedford Fire Department

The Coalition is still accepting donations by check or money order. Donations can be mailed to the Coalition for Animals at 834 Kempton Street, New Bedford, MA 02740.

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