This Sunday you can watch a local chef at work on the Food Network series 'Cutthroat Kitchen'.

Chef Joe Rego is headed back to Food Network this Sunday, January 3rd.

The former Chopped champion is competing on Cutthroat Kitchen this time around and has the chance to win some serious cash.

If you've never seen it, Cutthroat Kitchen pits four chefs against each other in a three-round elimination competition. They are given $25,000 to start and can pay to sabotage other players and benefit themselves throughout the show. If they make it to the end, they keep the cash they have left.

And though Rego won't reveal how Cutthroat Ktichen will end, he did tell The Standard Times,

All I can say about the participation of the show is that there is a lot of curve balls thrown to you. You never know what comes at you because Alton Brown is so unpredictable on how he is going to sabotage you."

The paper also notes that Rego is planning a viewing party for friends at Top Shelf Bar & Grill, 1825 Acushnet Ave. on Sunday.

The show will air at 10pm.