This past weekend the staff at New Bedford’s buttonwood Park Zoo was able to catch a quick glimpse of their resident Asian elephant Emily enjoying some playtime in the mud. Maybe it was because the staff hit the record button after she was already laying down in the mud that we all found the end result to be totally relatable.

In the minute-long video, you see the 56-year-old Emily rock her big body back and forth a few times until she pushes herself up to her bum, then with some real struggle, up to her knees, and finally with a little bit of gusto, into the standing position.

If this painstakingly slow process isn’t all of us getting out of bed after these few dreary days, I don’t know what is.

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What we don’t see in the video is how Emily ended up in the mud in the first place, but Buttonwood Park Zoo staff noted that it was just the elephants playing in the mud, as elephants enjoy to do.

Most nearly everyone on social media was quick to comment in support of the big ol’ gal, with statements such as “I know the feeling," “That’s how long it takes me to get up,” and quite possibly the most relatable of all, “That’s me after my COVID weight gain.”

The zoo went on to comment: “In general, elephants do not stand up quickly. At 56 years old, Emily is considered a geriatric Asian elephant and weights roughly 8,700 pounds – which is a lot of weight to push up!”

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