It was the fight heard 'round the SouthCoast as Wilson "Ill Will" Mascarenhas brought home his fifth consecutive win on Saturday.

The rising New Bedford boxing star is proof that hard work pays off substantially. On Saturday night, Feb. 19, super lightweight Mascarenhas defeated Virginia southpaw Akeem Jackson in the third round at the "Rhode Wars" boxing event at Crowne Plaza in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Mascarenhas also clenched the second consecutive knockout of his career. Still, he claims his performance wasn't at the level he wanted it to be and left room for improvement in the next matchup.

"It was a fun fight that didn't go as planned, but we still got the job done," Mascarenhas said. "I could have definitely slipped into my corner a little bit more and worked on the combinations, listening to my coaches and staying more focused for better results. Either way, I'm happy, and we'll be back sometime next month."

Heading into a match, Mascarenhas dives deep into an excited yet anxious mindset, especially against a nine-fight veteran.

He says the love and support from the SouthCoast have been nothing but a blessing.

"I simply had to step out of my comfort zone and step up my game," Mascarenhas said. "My fight camp has really built up my confidence to another level. I feel as though I had everyone in my corner and it's the biggest blessing in this industry. The support has electrified everything in my body, and it's an amazing feeling. Even now, I still get the chills when I talk about this, because I never pictured I'd be in this position and I'm ready to keep steamrolling."

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Mascarenhas, who has been training for Saturday night's event for the past several weeks, said that following his successful match he simply can't wait to replenish his body.

"I pounded down a Pedialite and then headed to Healthy Bites in New Bedford to pick up my favorite meal -- a bacon burger bowl."


The humbleness, the drive, the stature of this New Bedford great is nothing less than extraordinary. 

Just like that, New Bedford is back on the CES Boxing map.

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