Many of us take for granted that we even have the option of hitting up a beach on these hot SouthCoast days, but it's not that easy for everyone. Some people with accessibility issues can't just run down the sandy beach and dive in like the rest of us.

I couldn't help but smile when I heard that an organization called Smile Mass is helping provide wheelchairs that are made for a trip to the beach. These chairs can go from the parking lot to the sand to the water. Just seeing the smile on the young man in the photo means the world to me. It's such a simple thing that we don't even think twice about.

So far, Smile Mass has been able to get 100 beach-ready chairs out to local beaches across Massachusetts. As many of us can attest, a simple trip to our beautiful beaches can really help your mental state. With the help of this amazing organization, beaches are now more accessible than ever, including beaches right here in New Bedford.

You can request to use one of these chairs on the Smile Mass website. You can also submit a request to get them at a beach near you that might not already be equipped with them.

Everyone deserves to dip their toes at our beautiful beaches and this is one Feel Good Friday story that I hope warms your heart like it has mine.

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