For the first time in 10 years, a "hot body contest" is returning to New Bedford.

If you recall the good old days of downtown's Bar 908, every weekend the place was packed. It was either the place to be or the place you ended up regardless of your plans. It was also the only place that handed out stacks of money just for having a "hot body."

Say what you want. It worked and the numbers proved it.

That being said, 2012 was the last time the bar hosted a "hot body contest" and come this Thursday, Aug. 3rd, the business now known as Last Round Bar & Grill is bringing it back.

One lucky person will go home with $150.

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'Hot Body Contest' Origins at 908

The controversial contest ran for a good seven years straight before the bar shut it down.

DJ Pete Down was responsible for setting the vibe while bartender Heather Ferreira and her coworkers judged the contestants. Every Thursday and Friday night, 908 gave away $250 to one winner. Thursday was for the women and Friday was for the men because, hey, the guys deserve a shot, too.

Bar 908 staff invited back the previous winners for a finale contest that scored one lucky "hot body" $1,000.

Pete Rockwell via Facebook
Pete Rockwell via Facebook

"The more friends you brought, the better chance you had at winning," 908 owner Nick Kern said. "We based on how loud the crowd was, so the more people on your side the better chances you had of winning."

While women and men competed on separate nights, Kern has confirmed that if men want to compete alongside the women on Thursday, Aug. 3, then it's fair game.

Down is returning to get the party started at 10 p.m. and the staff and judges choose eight contestants around midnight.

Come 1 a.m., one person will be crowned the "hot bod" of the night and will go home with cash.

Whether or not you're on board with this friendly competition, especially given today's climate, you have to admit that bringing it back is marketing genius. Every millennial who attended 908 back in the day is now intrigued and a new generation of night owls will be exposed to the "hot body contest" that once shook downtown's night scene.

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