The day of love may have passed but one New Bedford bar created a menu that is sure to sting long after a breakup.

Valentine's Day is often a harsh reminder to those living their best single lives.

It's not easy being single these days. With social media and dating apps and social distancing still on everyone's minds, I'd say it's sheer luck to find anyone who fits the bill.

Every Valentine's Day, I like to celebrate National Single Awareness Day with a few cocktails and friends. Boy, do I wish someone had recommended we go to Cultivator Shoals  in New Bedford.

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Whoever came up with the cocktail menu for Valentine's Day clearly had a few harsh breakups and may or may not still be bitter over a few. I mean, just check out the names of some of these cocktails. (And if you do drink any, drink responsibly.)

The cocktail menu almost reads like the diary of someone who just got out of a relationship that ended poorly. With names such as "Tears of My Ex," "Body Like A God," "Dumb as a Rock" and "Why'd You Ghost Me?," you can't help but relate to at least one of these.

The bar's  Instagram showcases the entire menu. Technically these drinks were made for Valentine's Day but Michael, the general manager, said you can ask your server for availability.


Honestly, I'd like to taste the "Tears Of My Ex" and "Thank God There's Chocolate."

Don't ask questions, just drink.

Maybe a trip downtown is in order this weekend.

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