Take me back to my New Bedford Ballet days, where I was in way better shape and so much for flexible.

Looking back, I would have gotten in so much trouble if it wasn't for my grandmother putting me in ballet three times a week. It was something that not only kept me physically active but taught me discipline and dedication.

I was one of those kids that actually looked forward to going to ballet, challenging my body and making friends with all the other kids in the class.

I guess you could say New Bedford Ballet has my heart and I still follow the school on Facebook. Scrolling through my feed, I came across a post that says they have resumed classes both in person and virtually.

Any of the students that go to New Bedford Ballet are extremely dedicated. With the option to still take classes from home I'm hoping they can still do their annual performance of The Nutcracker; looking at the website, it doesn't appear there will be performances until next summer and that's if restrictions have been lifted. Perhaps they can do something virtually this holiday season?

The Nutcracker season was always my favorite. I need to go back and see if there are any photos of me in my Nutcracker outfits. Now that is definitely a sight I might want to forget!

It's a step towards some kind of normalcy and I certainly support my former dancing school and will definitely be getting my tickets for The Nutcracker and other performances as soon as they are allowed.

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