The wheels of economic development in New Bedford sometimes turn very slow, but believe it or not, there is some progress being made. Still, people question "Where's the train?" or "How about wind turbines, when are they coming?"

People will likely soon add to the list, "How about the project at the golf course?"

Derek Santos, Executive Director of the New Bedford Economic Development Council, visited Townsquare Sunday to provide some specifics about the Advanced Manufacturing Campus (AMC) planned for a portion of the Whaling City Golf Course off Hathaway Road.

Santos said the city is now requesting proposals for the project, and his office has been heavily marketing the 100-acre site.

"You have 100 acres of upland site, almost free of wetlands," he said. "The site has tremendous highway access, and there is rail access on the back of that site, and it is two minutes away from the regional airport."

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Santos sees the project as a major job-creator in New Bedford.

"Those 100 acres could support up to a million square feet of new buildings depending on how it's laid out, and you could be looking at 1,000-plus jobs over the long-term at the golf course," he said. "We want people to go there and make great things. We have a lot of skill in New Bedford to do that still, and we want to capitalize on that."

The current deadline for submitting proposals is June 16 at 2 p.m. The final selection will be made by the City Council Property Committee and Mayor Jon Mitchell.

The entire Townsquare Sunday interview with Derek Santos can be heard here:

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