We told you yesterday about what seemed to be a dog abandoned on Allen Street in New Bedford, not far away from the Betsey B. Winslow School. Now, the dog is safe and those who abandoned it will be facing charges.

New Bedford Police have recovered the cocker spaniel, which is currently in their possession and reportedly in good spirits. The dog was found at his owner's home, located not far from where the video was shot.

New Bedford Police said they have charged two individuals in the incident. A woman was charged with animal cruelty, and a juvenile was charged with animal cruelty and witness intimidation.

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The witness intimidation charge stems from an Instagram Live video recorded last night where the juvenile threatened the homeowner that uploaded the original dog video to social media. That video has since been deleted from the internet.

New Bedford Police said that the public's response to the story was overwhelming and that countless tips helped to locate the two individuals involved.

The suspects said that they regularly allowed the dog outside to roam around to relieve himself. Neighbors also backed up the suspects' version of the story, saying they'd be surprised that they would ever have abandoned the dog. The suspects said they lived close enough that the dog would find its way home on its own. The dog did, in fact, find his way home, as he was home at the time police arrived today.

The eight-year-old dog will now be put up for adoption at Forever Paws Animal Shelter in Fall River. Anyone interested in adopting the dog can call (508) 677-9154.

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