The ice cream sandwich has been my favorite ice cream treat since I was a little Jackson. Ice cream sandwiches absolutely deserve their own day of recognition – and this year, they're getting their own town, too.

Some will argue with me that the ice cream sandwich can only be made one way but I love a good ice cream sandwich made with chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream in the middle.

No matter how you like your treat, make sure you celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day this Sunday by indulging in one.

This year the Hood decided to take National Ice Cream Day one step further and call on a local town to help celebrate. The Cape Cod town of Sandwich is getting showcased and changing its name for just one day to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Hood asked for the town to change its name for just this Sunday, and the town's Board of Selectmen recently agreed. I'm sure the ice cream sandwich will be a pretty popular treat in town that day.

I haven't seen an ice cream truck come around my neighborhood in years but I remember getting an ice cream sandwich every time, back when they were just 75 cents. I'm pretty sure they aren't that price anymore but if you don't have any ice cream sandwiches in your freezer right now it's time to celebrate and grab some for National Ice Cream Sandwich Day this Sunday.

I know lots of creameries on the SouthCoast also make some awesome ice cream sandwiches of their own. Where are you going to head to celebrate?

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