Everyone's got those must-see Christmas movies that put them in the holiday spirit...these are mine.

The holidays are a great time for hunkering down and watching a movie. And there are plenty of Christmas classics to choose from.

My must-see list may not include the same ones that your's does, but here's what I just have to watch this time of year.

  • 1

    Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

    This 1964 classic is my all-time favorite.

    The characters, the songs and all that amazing claymation that you just don't see nowadays...who doesn't love this one?

  • 2

    Love Actually

    Sure, call it a sappy, girl choice but Love Actually is a fantastic Christmas movie.

    And a young Thomas Brodie-Sangster (aka Jojen Reed from Game of Thrones) might be the most adorable thing ever!

  • 3

    The Muppet Christmas Carol

    Who doesn't love a good Muppet movie? And this is a good Muppet movie!

    The classic tale done only the way Jim Henson's characters can do it. And the comic relief of Rizzo the Rat is just awesome.

  • 4


    I mean, how can it not be!

    This is probably Will Ferrell's most iconic character ever and I know I am not the only one with Elf on their must-see holiday movie list.

  • 5

    A Very Monkey Christmas

    Okay, this one is most likely not on anyone else's must-see list.

    My daughter became obsessed with all things Curious George just before Christmas last year and we probably watched this thing at least once a day for a while there.

    And this year she was just as into it, so for now it is definitely on my must-see list cause it makes her so happy!

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