Truthfully, a couple of years ago I had no idea wedding websites were even a thing.

Now, I think it might be the coolest part of wedding planning. It's like a whole website just dedicated to this epic party you're about to throw. Anyone who knows anything about me knows I love me a good party. This is such an extra dope way to add to what's going to be a big-time rager of a party.

Our site is, and if you ask me I think I did a pretty damn good job of throwing it together. Our theme is an old Hollywood sort of Rat Pack-type of vibe, and I think it's cool that you can make a site that reflects that!

It has literally all the information you need on it as a guest. Where can you stay? Where is the wedding? How can you get there? Is there an afterparty? Hell, is there a pre-party? All that information can all go on your website. You can even put on an option to RSVP on it (which we didn't do because the older guests probably have no idea how to RSVP via a website.)

Maybe everyone already knew all of this and I'm new to the game, but I legit think this is my favorite part of planning a wedding so far. Just putting this whole website together was two tons of fun.

Go check mine out and sign the guest book and let my fiancée know how amazing I did on it (she didn't expect me to do this well).

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