This weekend's graduation at Bristol Community College has special significance for a Dartmouth family.

Michele Lareau and her daughter, Linsey Cormier, will both walk the stage and receive their Associate's Degrees.

Lareau says she had always been a stay at home mom, and once both of her daughters were out of high school she found the motivation to expand her skills in office administration. "I just feel much more confident and I'm much more qualified now, so I can put it on my resume. Instead of saying 'I think I can do it,' now I have the degree that proves I can do it," Lareau said.

Lareau adds she and Linsey often helped each other studying, often running exercises with each other in preparation for exams, "Sure enough, I'd be in an exam and I would remember the phrase that she taught me. Or, there were times where she had problems doing assignments and several nights in a row she was up until like, two in the morning. So I would sit up with her and just help her try to stay focused and not fall asleep."

Lareau is graduating with a 4.0 GPA, receiving a degree in Executive Office Administration. Linsey is receiving her degree in Occupational Therapy Assistance, with a 3.9 GPA.

Lareau says they are both very proud of each other.