Which of these properties would you buy if you hit the jackpot?

Lets play a game: You recently had the luckiest day of your life, hitting it big on the Powerball. Although you now possess more money than you could imagine, you decide to take a more modest approach and stay local. Narrowing down where you'd like to call home for the rest of your prosperous life, you've decided on two locations:

Option One: 27 Centre St. $639,900


Located in downtown New Bedford, this is the perfect location for a night out on the town. Minutes away from Rose Alley, Whalers Tavern and the rest of the beautiful historic downtown, this property is the ideal blend of modern and old-fashion. Exposed brick and stone on the inside leading to a breathtaking widows walk outlooking the harbor. A view of the waterfront like this is unimaginable for a private property like this.


Option Two: 52 Ash St. $664,166


This gorgeous 8 bedroom property is located just blocks from St. Luke's Hospital and St. James St. John School. Built in 1884, this mini-mansion would be perfect for those of you who like a lot of company. But with over 20,000 square feet, finding some alone time is still possible. Throw a Gatsby-esque party or just life like like the rich and the famous while still being close to home.


Whether it be waterside on Centre or in the lap of luxury on Ash, these two choices are sure to be a destination. Choosing either of the two options will make living on the Southcoast all the more sweet. Unfortunately the odds of winning the Powerball odds are not in our favor, so it's time to invest in a piggy bank to save up. But one can still dream, right?