Smith is one of the most common last names in the U.S., but is it on the Southcoast?

I think we all know an Amaral or a Cabral, but are those the most common surnames on the Southcoast?

According to, a site that compiles Census information and more for every city and town in the U.S., they aren't the most popular last name in Bristol County.

Here's how the Top 20 breaks down...

1. Medeiros

2. Silva

3. Costa

4. Cabral

5. Ferreira

6. Souza

7. Smith

8. Santos

9. Pacheco

10. Mello

11. Pereira

12. Sousa

13. Oliveira

14. Perry

15. Correira

16. Amaral

17. Tavares

18. Martin

19. Arruda

20. Almeida


Didn't see a last name you thought you would? Here's's Top 100 surnames on the Southcoast.

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