Today's Morning Talker with the ABC 6 crew didn't exactly go as planned.

Larry usually handles the technical aspects of the show, including connecting us with ABC 6 for our Morning Talkers on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

However, he had jury duty today, and we were left to fend for ourselves.

The Fun Morning Show staff did the best we could, but the connection wasn't very clear and we couldn't hear them well.

They brought up the fight between the Patriots and Seahawks that broke out near the end of Sunday's Super Bowl, and asked us if we saw it. Not hearing the question, we stood there a few seconds and I finally said, "No, I didn't really hear about that."

Ummmmm. What is this "Super-Bowl" you speak of?

Check out the most awkward moment of my television life below, and be sure to check out our blank faces:

We also forgot to turn the light on for the camera, hence Loren standing in the dark.


(Contributions made by Fun Morning Show staff, Jon Faria)