Two more popular baking products are being pulled from the shelves due to a risk of e. coli contamination.

Betty Crocker posted to Facebook today to tell consumers that Super Moist Party Rainbow Chip  and Super Moist Carrot cake mixes are being voluntarily recalled as part of the previously announced General Mills flour recall from July 1, 2016.

They say no illnesses have been reported in connection with the cake mixes, but they chose to recall them due to the fact that their supplier used the Wondra flour implicated in the previous recall.

Anyone with these cake mixes are urged not use them, but to return them to the store they purchased them for a refund.

The company says their mix is made with a small percentage of the flour that was recalled over e.coli contamination concerns although no illnesses have been reported.

Krusteaz is asking anyone who purchased the blueberry pancake mix to contact consumer relations for a full refund.

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