Last fall the LEGO Discovery Center in Somerville closed it doors to take on a multi-million dollar renovation project. Now six months after work began, the opening day of the brand new building has been revealed.

Fans of building with tiny bricks can returned to the new and improved LEGO Discovery Center on Friday, April 14th.

You can even buy advanced tickets to be there when things get going again online right now. In fact the LEGO Discovery Center site says having pre-paid tickets are the only way to get into the new center right now.

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What Is In The New LEGO Discovery Center in Somerville?

So far no photos of the renovations have been revealed, but plans for the updates released last fall say new features will include

1. A Lego Space digital experience where families can build their own rocket ships and then launch them into cyber space.

2. A DUPLO Park for preschoolers to build with those bigger bricks little ones love

3. A Creative Club activity zone filled with thousands of bricks to inspire your child's next Lego masterpiece.

4. The Hero Zone with a climbing wall and laser maze.

5. A brand new MINIWORLD built out of 1.5 million LEGO bricks.

Obviously big things have been brewing at the Discovery Center and I know I am excited to see all the new features and build with my kids.

As if that wasn't enough awesome LEGO news for local families, there is more happening around the SouthCoast with tiny bricks.

On May 20 & 21 there's an entire LEGO convention coming to Warwick, Rhode Island, now through April 23 there is a LEGO art exhibit in a gallery on Newbury Street and the LEGO company recently announced that Boston would be the new home of their North American headquarters.

Definitely a good time to like building with LEGO here on the SouthCoast.

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