The black bear roaming Rhode Island has been spotted again and is getting real close to people's houses.

Last week the RI black bear was photographed trying to break into a woman's car - while she was still in it.

black bear 1
Narragansett, RI Animal Control Facebook page

Now the bear is simply stopping by houses for a bite to eat.

As the Rhode Island Department of Environment Management warned people in May, birdfeeders should be taken down. And these pictures prove why.

bear at feeder
courtesy of Dave Gilly Gilstein
bear taking feeder
courtesy of Dave Gilly Gilstein

This hungry bear was clearly looking for a quick and easy meal and found it on this Charlestown home's porch.

He headed right for their birdfeeder, chowed down and then made off with the rest of the feeder according to the home owner.

DEM mentioned birdfeeders specifically when warning Rhode Island residents of what would attract black bears to their home.

They say to take them down and remove the extra seed from your yard as well. Especially since the birds don't really need the help finding food this time of year, you're really just helping this bear.

And this bear has really been making the rounds.

With sightings from Coventry to Charlestown, the bear seems to heading towards Connecticut as the weeks go on.

Which is great news for SouthCoast residents.

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