It was rare to say the least: a moose sighting in Worcester, Massachusetts. It wasn’t just seen, either; it was sadly struck by a car after getting too close to busy roadways. Luckily, the Massachusetts Environmental Police knew just what to do for this massive moose.

Honestly, I am a bit jealous of the person that struck this moose. Not that they hit a moose and pretty much destroyed their car, and certainly not jealous of the heart-stopping feeling of seeing a moose walk in front of your moving vehicle. There is definitely a twang of jealously, though, over seeing a real, live moose. I have been going up to New Hampshire and Maine almost my entire life and have never, ever seen a moose IRL.

This Worcester moose was a 700-pound behemoth, according to the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife Facebook page, and he basically walked away from the crash unscathed. In fact, according to Mass Wildlife, after the crash this big guy kept running through Worcester’s Main South neighborhood and even charged at one frightened resident before being brought down by the Large Animal Response Team (LART).

No worries, the moose was not at all harmed in any of this ordeal. He was, for his safety and that of the neighborhood, tranquilized in order to be relocated to a nearby wooded area. He was then monitored until the drugs wore off and last seen taking off to a less inhabited space.

Surprisingly, Mass Wildlife experts say a moose in Worcester residential areas is something that typically happens this time of year. Apparently, this is moose mating season and moose new to the finding-a-mate game can often wander too far from the woods literally looking for love in all the wrong places. LART believes that was the case here, so hopefully this big guy can find what he’s looking for in his new home.

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