Although the SouthCoast saw nothing but rain last weekend, up north in Maine and New Hampshire it was full on snow, and lots of it. Ski resorts are already opening and people are exploring nature on snowmobiles as well. If you are thinking of spending some time snowbound for winter break, though, there is one weird question women should be prepared to be asked.

Years ago, some friends and I rented a cabin in New Hampshire to snowboard, snowmobile and otherwise have a winter girls weekend in the snow. All was great until we got to snowmobile day. Then we all just got weirded out, and it seems rightly so.

On the morning of our group snowmobile guided adventure, we were all suited up and ready to roll out when our male guide asked if "any of us were on our period" that day. Obviously, we were all a bit taken aback by the question, but the guide followed up by telling us moose may be out on the trail with us and they might smell a women who is menstruating and attack.

"I just want to know what to expect out there" is basically how he laid it out to us – but was that really it?

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At the time, I think we all just answered and thought "weird, but okay." Now years later when I tell that story, I really wonder what the deal was with that question. If you simply google the phrase "will a moose attack a woman menstruating?" absolutely nothing comes up. Theories on bears doing such things are out there, though usually debunked, but not a thing about moose.

Bull moose in autumn colored plants and shrubs
moose henderson

So did he really need to ask? Have other women been asked similar questions? Maybe it was a theory at the time that has been disproven and nobody asks this anymore. I think I may need to take have another snowmobile adventure to find out.

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