If this Valentine's Day isn't your first rodeo and you and your significant other have been together forever, you may not care about getting a gift.  Maybe it's more about, something else.

For me, Valentine's Day does not mean what it might have 20 years ago.  It's not that I don't like or appreciate the romance, it's just that... I guess I'm just over it.  The hoopla of "Valentine's Day".  Maybe you are too?

If there is ONE thing I'd love for Valentine's Day it would have to be not having to figure out what the family is having for dinner, prepare and then cook it.  I would be sooo happy to just go out as a family, yes all 4 of us, and eat out at a restaurant. That's it! See, I'm pretty easy.  What about you?  Tell us in the Facebook comments what you'd line for V-Day.  I hope you too get what you're hoping for :)

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