I wonder if he gets a nap time a long with his job? Even if he does, he's still doing more than anyone in Washington D.C. Yep, you heard me right. A town has a 4 year old serving as mayor!

The mayor - a short guy - is known for his fondness of ice cream and fishing. And he's got the county's top law enforcement official in his pocket according to Fox News.  Bobby was only 3 when he won election last year as mayor of Dorset (population 22 to 28, depending on whether the minister and his family are in town). Dorset, which bills itself as the Restaurant Capital of the World, has no formal city government.

Say hello to Mayor Robert "Bobby" Tufts. He's 4 years old and not even in school yet.

Bobby's major act as mayor so far has been to make ice cream the top of the food pyramid. He has many favorite flavors."Chocolate. And vanilla. Strawberry. Cotton candy kind. And rainbow sherbet," said the mayor. Lets see if he can do something about taxes!