Miley Cyrus and her newly shorn blond ‘do are center stage in a new photo shoot, and based on the behind-the-scenes shots, the platinum blond quasi-pixie cut actually looks great when Cyrus styles it well.

In one photo, Miley poses with her proud momma, Tish, sporting a knee-length floral print skirt, leopard heels and a black cropped tank. The girliness of the outfit counterbalance the ferocity and slightly masculine feel of her short haircut.Her makep looks pretty natural but with added emphasis of black winged, pinup girl-style eyeliner (possibly to complement the Vargas vibe of the leopard heels).

In her other photos, Cyrus varies her look slightly in each. In one, she has her hair spiked and rocks smoky eyes and a sparkly white tank. In another black and white shot, her hair is swept forward, almost Flock of Seagulls-style, with long false eyelashes and what appears to be the same red lipstick she’s been rocking in her Twitter photos as of late. She poses with a pal in another pic, wearing a plain black top and hot pink lipstick with her hair swept to one side. She also shows off a nude, slightly sharp mani.

We hope she keeps this up, because it’s a lot more flattering on her than the grungy, floppy version of the same cut she’s been showing off in paparazzi and fan shots. When she glams it up, her haircut really complements her features (especially her strong brows). Cyrus’ look evokes model Agyness Deyn, but also a bit of Gwen Stefani, Pink and vintage Madonna. You go, Miley!