A couple of months ago, a weird thing happened. I tried to order bone-in Buffalo wings at a chain restaurant and was told by the staff member that I wasn't able to get the wings to go. The bone-in wings were only available for dine-in. Even the staff member, who was super nice, shrugged his shoulders at that one.

Regardless, the incident caused me to broaden my horizons and to try out different places around the area for bone-in wings. I sought out a good number of different spots and made sure to order the wings as either an appetizer or the meal itself. My conclusion? The SouthCoast has a lot of really incredible places to enjoy Buffalo wings.

Maddie, Gazelle and I were talking about some of our favorite wing places this morning on the air. I started giving my reviews of some of my favorites. I prefer the bigger-sized wings that are cooked a little more. I am not a fan of wings that are undercooked in any way or come out soggy.

It's a personal preference, but I'm also not a fan of wings that are battered and fried. I feel like true Buffalo wings are meat, bone, skin and sauce. Let's not bring batter into this scenario.

We decided to launch a Michael and Maddie Wing Ding Tour. It's a chance for our audience to buy a card on SeizeTheDeal.com, visit all of the participating Wing Ding Tour restaurants, and try Buffalo wings from all over the SouthCoast.

Here is a list of the restaurants that have agreed to participate. The Michael and Maddie Wing Ding Tour cards go on sale Friday morning, March 19 at 9 a.m. at SeizeTheDeal.com.

Michael and Maddie's Wing Ding Tour 2021

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