Get ready for what is expected to be an amazing light show put on by Mother Nature on Monday, July 29 into the early morning hours on Tuesday the 30th.

Now for some reason, it appears these showers are happening more often these days but lots of our country can't see them because of what time of day they occur.

They say about 25 to 35 meteors will be visible per hour with the best chance happening around the midnight hour.

The best spot to watch meteor showers will be in a dimly-lit area, so generally not in downtown New Bedford or any major city. However, there should be plenty of great spots all across the SouthCoast for you to get out and spot some meteors.

Weather conditions should be perfect for viewing tonight, with very few clouds in the sky and light winds.

This is a great opportunity for an astronomy lesson for the kids. It's summer, so staying up a little late to see this celestial show may be permissible.

Now if you can stay up late, don't worry–another shower is set to happen in August. However, that one won't be as visible.

Personally, I'll be using this meteor shower as an excuse to crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy Mother Nature showing off. I'll be sitting on the back porch of my aunt's house in Fairhaven, where I think the viewing conditions will be absolutely perfect.

If you have the magic videoing bug and can capture any of the showers, please send them along.

Happy viewing, SouthCoast!

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