Women Crush Wednesday is the hottest new hash tag in the social media world. It allows both men and women to hash tag the females they crush on. Here are my Top 9 picks, you won't be able to guess who my #1 is!

(9) Emma Stone - The ultimate "girl next door" personality

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(8) Miranda Kerr - This girl makes me want to look through a Victoria Secret magazine

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(7) Olivia Wilde - A women who has beauty and her own ideals

(6) Blake Lively - She's a blonde bombshell who seems to have a good heart

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(5) Mila Kunis - You had me at "That 70's Show"

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(4) Jennifer Lawrence - I love that she's not afraid to be real

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(3) Jennifer Lopez - She brings another meaning to shake what your mama gave you

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(2) Katy Perry - I'm biased because she's my celebrity look a like

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(1) Betty Paige - Who wouldn't be turned on by a classic beauty with curves