Looks like the internet is still obsessed with creating memes and a teen working at a Target in Texas was no exception.

Alex From Target has officially taken the internet by storm according to USAToday. The teen has become the top meme this week, surpassing the likes of Grumpy Cat and Doge. The hashtag #AlexfromTarget has been tweeted over 821,000 times since the picture was posted on November 2.  Even Target has joined in by tweeting, "We heart Alex too!" with a photo of his name tag.

Credit: via Twitter


On Sunday, the Twitter user 'Ausclum' posted the picture onto her Twitter of Alex and claimed that he has gotten so famous because of his good looks and working at Target. Now there are dozens of Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter accounts dedicated to Alex and his meme status.

There are even some parodies of the meme, like The Dream Closet Twitter posting a "how to steal his look" while showcasing a red shirt, Khaki pants and a watch all from Target and the store brand plastic bags.  Now other girls are joining the trend by finding cute boys who are in the workplace and taking pictures of them, such as Kieran from T-Mobile or Steve from Starbucks.

I found this whole 'Alex From Target' thing funny and fascinating!  Also good for Alex for becoming so famous just by working at Target!  So let's see, who's next?  "#MichaelRockFromFUN107 or maybe #LarryFromTheFunMorningShow?  Hey, it could happen!