Do you ever feel like a deceased love one watches over your every move like a guardian angel? Do you find pennies and dimes in strange places or even see certain animals when your spirits maybe feeling a little down and out?
Maureen describes these events as signs from heaven and they are all connected to the loved ones you’ve lost but still hold near and dear to your heart. They are proof that their spirit lives on in this dimension.
Maureen is a medium who is able to connect with those who have passed and is able to share with us their advice and opinions as if they were present with us once again.
She is a staple feature of the FUN Morning Show’s segment, Free Fortune Friday, and has turned several skeptics into believers. Even the Stoughton Fire Department was able to get in tune with their spiritual side when Maureen surprised them, and they got a visit from the comedian medium!

She knew information about these men that they didn’t even know about one another. Once she was finished, the men were amazed by her ability and she turned all of them into believers.
If you have a deceased family member or close friend you are wishing to re-connect with don't miss out on this special show as Maureen brings "Postcards From Heaven" to New Bedford. She was able to help me connect with a dear friend of mine and maybe she can help you too! They are on sale at

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