When she was graduating from Old Rochester Regional High School back in 2020, Hunter Moreau knew that she had a desire within her.  She didn't want to follow the pack of kids heading off to college at the start of the uncertain, new pandemic. Most of those kids would be starting off their college education on Zoom calls, and Hunter saw it as an opportunity to do something different.

"The time was really weird and confusing, and I didn't really know how to navigate it, especially when I chose to (pursue music) instead of going to college, something that has a lot more structure."

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Moreau says her parents took the news well when she first told them that she wanted to put her education on hold for a career in music.  "They handled it very well, better than I could have ever hoped for, honestly.  They were like 'if this is what you want to do, we'll treat it like this is your college,'" said Hunter.

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Her parents, Mike and Erin Moreau, said that COVID made it an easier decision.  "Kids were going off to school and taking online classes in their bedrooms," said Mike.  "She wanted to take a different path, and we said OK."

During the first year off, Hunter made some headway in the music industry.  She started to build upon her success, which justified extending the college deferment another year.   "She will always have an opportunity to go back to school," said Erin.  "We won't ever really shut that door.  We just want her to be happy and successful at whatever she chooses to do."

Her new single is called "Sleepyhead."  It is available on Spotify and has raised some eyebrows by already receiving nearly a quarter million streams.  "I got on some really good editorial playlists on Spotify like new music Friday.  That was the day my song came out and it gave it a really good boost."

Fun 107 was the first radio station in the country to play "Sleepyhead."

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