The good news keeps rolling in and I’m welcoming it with open arms. First, Governor Charlie Baker announced the start of Phase 3, Step 2 for Monday. Then, I learn about the ease in restrictions for our beloved restaurants.

Now, a Mattapoisett woman praised her community after good Samaritans returned her lost purse.

Good vibes are flowing out of the SouthCoast right now.

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Edna Walsh was distraught after losing her purse on Water Street near Town Beach in Mattapoisett.

“It must have fallen off my car,” she said in her post on Facebook. “God knows why it was on it.”

Edna was grocery shopping at the time she realized it was missing, so she went home to figure out where to go from there.

A kind stranger must have dropped her purse off at the Mattapoisett Police Department because a little while later, Officer Le Blanc arrived at her front door with purse in hand.

Edna praised the good deed saying, “I want to thank whoever brought my purse to the Mattapoisett Police Department fully intact with all contents inside. What a wonderful town we live in. Thank you, whoever you are.”

Dozens of Mattapoisett residents joined in on her post, further spreading the positivity. Kathy DeMello chimed in saying, “How wonderful to hear stories like this (when there) is so much hate in this world.”

I don’t know if it’s the changing of the seasons that has everyone in a good mood or the promise of Phase 4 in the near future, but I am loving the positivity that seems to be resonating throughout the area.

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