Jennifer Capobianco wasn't sure what it was when she first saw it.  It was probably the longest, strangest looking tool she's ever seen.  "I believe it floated up on Crescent Beach at the moon high tide," said Jennifer.  "I'm a board member for the neighborhood, so after it was there for a few days I took it away."

Jennifer asked around, but no one had any idea what the incredibly long, carbon tool could possibly be used for?  She measured it.  It came out to 27 feet long!  To demonstrate just how long the tool was, she had someone hold it up next to her house and it soared above her roofline.

On one side of the 27 foot long tool looks to be a drill like tip.  The other side has what appears to be a place to grip the tool with both hands.  To an amateur, it might look like a very long drill, but there's no way someone could stand above it to get any leverage.

Besides, the branding sticker on the tool reads that it was manufactured by a company called Carbon Marine.  A quick Google search on shows someone using one of these out on a flat boat.

Lord knows that I'm no fisherman, but the person in the cover photo of the site is using it to push along his boat as he fly fishes.

Now, a number of people are hoping to become its next owner.  Jennifer has received a number of inquiries about the push pole but says she is going to give it 24 hours before handing it over to someone.  "I'm trying to find the rightful owner," she said.  "Trying to do what is right but didn't want to try to play the Facebook game of describe the item if it's yours."

Admirers of the push stick said that it is a particularly nice one of high quality.  "They say these can get kind of expensive, so I hope the owner comes forward."

If you lost one of these poles, you can send a direct message to Jennifer Michel Capoblanco on Facebook.

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