After 23 years of marriage, it’s hard to pull off any surprises, but this Mattapoisett husband managed to pull off the ultimate surprise for his wife over the weekend.

Allen Dennison surprised his wife, Tracey, with tickets to see her favorite show, LIVE with Kelly and Mark in New York City.

But it was Tracey who would pull off the next surprise that got her husband on stage at the show.

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Mattapoisett Husband Surprises Wife of 23 Years

Tracey Dennison shared the details of her 23rd wedding anniversary celebration in New York City. She was shocked that her husband was able to pull off such a heartfelt surprise.

“This man is not a planner,” she said. “But he had the foresight to email the show for a ticket lottery. He had to explain why we should get the tickets and he wrote up something lovely, and we ended up getting the tickets.”

He managed to surprise her on two fronts: The fact that she didn’t catch him and the fact that he actually planned something.

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How Allen Ended Up on the Show

The couple arrived at Lincoln Square in Manhattan for the show and were escorted to their seats. Shortly after, the producer came out.

“He said, ‘We’re looking for trivia dancers, who is interested?’ I grabbed Allen’s hand and held it up,” said Dennison.

Allen and four others were chosen for a dance-off, and in the end, it was Allen and one other person left. The in-house DJ was tasked with choosing the winner and the person to ultimately go on air.

“(The DJ) pointed at Allen and said, ‘I want the guy with the fancy feet,’” shared Dennison. “I was elated.”

And Allen did not disappoint with his groovy dance moves as his five seconds of fame unfolded for all of America to enjoy.

After 23 years of marriage, these two are still bringing the element of surprise.

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