My dear Massachusetts friends, it turns out you’re not the nicest people to be around. Please don’t shoot the messenger – Zippia said it, not me.

The career search engine collected data on all 50 states to find out which ones are the snobbiest. Criteria included the percentage of bachelor’s degrees in each state, the number of Ivy League colleges, and the gallons of wine consumed yearly.

The way in which the site chose to rank each state could be considered questionable, but when you classify wine as a “smug beverage” and determine that having a degree in the humanities and the arts increases the rate of potential snobbiness, New England reigned supreme for their findings.

You managed to land yourself at No. 1, Massachusetts. Zippia boldly states, “In addition to being home to a prestigiously smug university, Massachusetts is ridiculously more educated than the rest of the country and has a strong appreciation for wine. Sounds like a perfect breeding ground for snobbiness and artisanal cheese stands."

If education and an appreciation of cheeses make someone snobby, then consider me the snobbiest. If this site really wanted to list what makes Massachusetts the snobbiest, they should have taken a tally on how many times a local turned up their nose at a person who didn’t know what Bacalhau was.

Don’t worry, Massachusetts, Rhode Island made the list as well. Coming in at No. 6 with 18.9 wine bottles per person, my little state finds itself smack dab in the middle of the top 10 snobbiest places in America.

Six out of the top 10 are New England states, so we either are that snobby, or other states just need to step up their degrees and wine consumption.

So, be honest, which SouthCoast community is the snobbiest?

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