We've all been there: You're eating chips when one wrong bite (or lackthereof) later, that sucker is sliding down your throat, gouging every part of your esophagus on the way down. It always happens at the worst time, too, leaving you tearing up and nearly choking in front of a crowd of people.

A guy on TikTok recently got to thinking (deeply, might I add) about this tortilla debacle and decided to share his thoughts in what has quickly become one of my favorite TikTok series to date. The TikTok user, @tea_jayz, ranked all 50 states on how bad it would hurt if they slid down your throat as tortilla chips. Intriguing, right?

There were just a couple rules for the rankings, including that, for the sake of fairness, all states would be considered roughly the same size and if a state is normally cut up, like in the case of Hawaii, only the largest piece would be considered. @tea_jayz even went the extra mile to edit the shape of each state into a tortilla chip, making this even more hilarious with every ranking.

Not surprisingly, Massachusetts landed pretty high on the list, making it presumably a pretty uncomfortable chip to swallow. Thanks to some sharp edges and the hook-shaped mass made up partially by the SouthCoast and the Cape, Massachusetts landed at No. 7 "in painful chip-ness." Only Florida, Minnesota, Maryland, New York, Alaska and Texas came out on top.

Now for the real question... Who's down to create a Massachusetts-shaped chip and test this theory out? Just kidding! Kids, please don't try this at home.

You can check out the full, four-part ranking on @tea_jayz's TikTok account.

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