Workers at Savers in Plymouth must have been surprised when they came across this box in the donation bin.

The Patriots Ledger says that an employee at the thrift store was sorting through a box of donations on Wednesday morning when they came across a small box that appeared to contain cremated human remains.

The box also had a picture of a young couple, a heart shaped memento with the words "You Are Loved" written on it and a Bible verse along with the ashes so of course store officials immediately contacted the police.

According to Plymouth Police Chief Michael Botieri, the ashes were packed in the way a crematorium typically returns ashes to  a family. But who this family might be remains a mystery.

They are still trying to determine if the ashes are in fact human while at the same time trying to figure out who may have dropped off the box the ashes were in at the Savers donation site. Workers at Savers say some items are donated locally, while other times boxes come from as far away as Arizona.

Police are asking anyone who may know anything out the ashes to contact Detective Lt. Tony Gomes at 508-830-4218 ext. 236.


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