If you weren't quite able to get together the thousands of dollars it took to buy Taylor Swift tickets last spring at Gillette Stadium, there might be a less expensive, alternative plan, a plan that won't require you to mortgage your home.

Instead of dropping $3,500 a ticket, what if you could see a Taylor-style show for just $35? That might be more like it, right?

For decades, we've seen tribute band shows for rock groups such as Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Journey and more. However, for some reason, pop acts aren't typically explored by tribute bands. That is until Taylor Swift started earning over $13 million a night with her Eras World Tour (no wonder 13 is her favorite number).

Someone finally had a lightbulb go off over their head and recognized some earning potential for putting together a show that Swifties could sing and dance along to, wearing their favorite Taylor-era costumes.

The show is titled Let's Sing Taylor, and two scheduled performances are coming to Massachusetts in April. A matinee and an evening show are scheduled at The Cabot in the North Shore community Beverly on April 7.

Yes, there is an element of an "off-brand" type of show here.  It's the Market Basket soda instead of Coca-Cola Classic. For example, instead of "Swifties," the audience for Let's Sing Taylor is dubbed "Singies."

Is the stage production going to be like Taylor's?  Not even close, but if you've got little ones who have never seen Swift (or hardcore fans looking for that same camaraderie that makes every Taylor show special) this just might do the trick.

That is, until Taylor announces her next tour.

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