A Massachusetts State Trooper saved a stranded owl in Lunenburg earlier this week.

It always seems like Massachusetts State Troopers are rescuing animals in the road.

I'm pretty sure I have literally never seen an injured animal on the side of the road while driving, but obviously I'm not out on the roadways as much as they are.

And I do love the stories of these adorable rescues.

This time when an owl was spotted rolling around in a busy roadway Tuesday afternoon, Massachusetts State Trooper Joe Hall was quick to step in and help.

As the Massachusetts State Police posted on Facebook, Trooper Hall was heading back from another event when he saw the owl on Lancaster Ave, a very busy roadway in Lunenburg.

Trooper Hall immediately stopped and got the owl out of the road to assess it's injuries.

According to the FB post, Trooper Hall noticed no injuries on the animal and assumed it had simply been stunned by a vehicle.

He wrapped the owl up in his patrol coat and called animal control.

But like a sitcom episode, the owl managed to regain consciousness before animal control could arrive and took off on his own back to the woods.

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