A new study done by WalletHub around the Fourth of July found Massachusetts ranked as the least patriotic state in the entire country.

The good news is most of our neighboring states did just as bad:

  • Rhode Island: 48/50
  • New York: 46/50
  • Connecticut: 45/50

WalletHub used 13 examples to determine a state's ranking, including everything from polling people to see who they voted in the 2016 Presidential Election to AmeriCorps volunteers per capita.

Just to put some of this into perspective, the highest total "score" was given to Virginia who ranked #1 and received a 70.48, Massachusetts got a 26.6.

Lastly, MA ranked 48th in military engagement as well as 47th in veterans per capita.

It seems odd to me, excluding military statistics, it seems like "red" states did much better than "blue" states, which is not really a way to judge patriotism at all seeing the definition of patriotism is vigorous support of one's country which has nothing to do with political party.

If you would like to read this full article, click here. The article did a great job being thorough in explaining their decisions and how they came to be.

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